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Mechanical Engineering Applications

Our applications consist of design, offer assembling, automation, testing, installation, and training.

Electronic Circuit Design

Our company provides design of digital and analog circuits, PCB designs and efficiency analysis.

Embedded System Software

ILITRON develop projects on embedded system design and software with our experienced engineers.

Big Data Analysis

ILITRON verilerinizi analiz eder, IoT çalışmalar için daha iyi bir strateji ve karar verme olanağı sağlar.


ILITRON, provides PCB prototyping and 3D printers services with experienced engineers.

Power Electronics Circuit Design and Tests

We develop power electronics, driver and AC & DC circuits applications for energy systems.


We create the production illustrations of modeled components and engraving these pieces in CNC lathe and milling cutter.


We provide the most appropriate service with the demands and expectations at KOSGEB and TÜBİTAK projects.

Thermoelectric Cooler Unit

The project was developed on thermoelectric modules …

IoT systems

Our works within the scope of the Internet of Things …

Micro Grid Simulation

Our project simulation for micro grids …

Range Extender

Our project for range improvement of electric cars …

MPPT Charge Controller

Our MPPT device for solar panels …

Product Design

ILITRON is the most reliable company to offer you the best design according to your requirements when it comes to product design processes. Combines product design, how products look, functionality and efficiency. A good design increases the value of your product.
ILITRON considers your product design and your needs and requirements. A good design makes your products more rational, quality and cheap. Before desing the product ILITRON makes all the required researches and consider the fine details that may be encountered during the process. These details include industry research, patent research, and market research on consumer buying routines. ILITRON focuses on making the product unique, attractive, affordable, functional and user-friendly.


ILITRON is an expert in its field with the knowledge and experience to meet all the needs and requirements of the sector. Our engineers are exactly prepared for design and production and work with the production team to ensure you get the best quality products. ILITRON has partnered with many small and large-scale companies from design to manufacturing and perfected its courage with its lasting experience in the sector.


As ILITRON, we use the newest machines like 3D printing known as rapid prototyping to transform design into an appropriate scale prototype. ILITRON engaged in product prototypes, actualizes rapid prototyping services. The designs of our engineers are first tested and converted into prototypes that can help a product understand how it works before a large amount of money is deposited. Prototypes allow customers to look at the product from different perspectives and examine the product better, compared to screenshots or drawings on paper. High-quality prototypes are produced with more accurate 3D printing models that fully reflect the shape, weight, parts, and textures of the desired design.
ILITRON creates professional prototypes for user-friendly products. Engineers and designers can also easily use these reliable designs. Full-color models are available, ready to use and no need to wait for drying, after completing the model with our 3D printers and CNC machines. All process steps take only a few hours, thus saving time and greatly reducing costs.

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